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The Art of Love: A Journey of Passion and Transformation

Updated: May 5, 2023

The Art of Love, Oil Painting By Ariel Quiroz
Hula Dancer Under Kiawe Tree

My name is Ariel Quiroz, a Chilean-born artist now living in Maui. I am an independent artist passionate about sharing my love for art with others. Embark with me on my lifelong voyage, where I share my deeply personal journey as an artist, driven by love, passion, and transformation. During my life, I've found that art has an incredible connection with love, and this has deeply influenced my personal and artistic development.

As you venture through this journey, you'll witness how the intertwining themes of love, intuition, and beauty have influenced my artistic evolution and guided me to a life of joy, inspiration, and fulfillment.

Early Beginnings and Education

Born in Chile under a dictatorship and amidst extreme poverty, I feared not poverty itself, but the lack of education that my parents had experienced. At the age of 13, I realized that I wanted to pursue a professional career in art. This passion led me to apply and be accepted into the prestigious L.E.A. Art School, an alternative school dedicated to nurturing the talents of young artists. I remember my pride and excitement when I received the acceptance letter, knowing that only 11 of 300 kids qualified that year, this opportunity would change the course of my life.

My time at L.E.A. provided me with a strong foundation in visual art techniques, specializing in painting and graphic arts. I made friends from different social backgrounds and artistic disciplines, and I learned from them as much as I learned from our art teachers. This education set me on a path toward a career in art, and in 2006, I graduated with a degree in Visual Art from UPLA University. In 2010, I earned two more bachelor's degrees, one in Education and the other in High School Art Teaching from U.N.A.B. University. Although I have taught private classes, I have not yet had the opportunity to work as a high school teacher. I still vividly recall the sense of accomplishment I felt as I receive my diplomas, knowing that I had overcome numerous obstacles to reach that point.

First Steps as a Professional Artist

Throughout my journey, I have held various jobs since childhood in order to support myself and fund my education. It wasn't until I began drawing caricatures on the streets of Viña del Mar, Chile that I earned my first income as an artist. This experience solidified my passion for art and motivated me to continue pursuing a career as a professional artist. I'll never forget the first time someone handed me money for my work; the realization that I could earn a living doing what I loved was both exhilarating and humbling.

From Chile, my journey took me to Brazil, where I continued to explore and develop my artistic skills. In Brazil, I got new experiences, challenges, and opportunities to grow as an artist and as a person. One of my favorite memories from Brazil is doing live portraits alongside fellow artists on the vibrant Calçadão de Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, soaking in the local culture and exchanging ideas and techniques.

My early works primarily focused on realistic portraits, showcasing my skills in capturing the essence of each subject.

The Art of Love, Oil Painting by Ariel Quiroz
Above and Below, Iwa bird, Maui, Whales, seaturtles, fishes, coral reef. Oil on Canvas Painting by Ariel Quiroz

Evolving Artistic Style

As I relocated to Maui, my artistic style evolved, as I began to integrate Animals, Hula Dancers, and Lovers into Hawaiian landscapes, capturing the unique beauty and spirit of the island. I was really captivated by the vibrant colors and natural beauty of Maui, and the cultural heritage of Hawaiian and Polynesian people, and I found myself compelled to incorporate these elements into my art. I remember the first time I painted a Hula Dancer on a piece of packing paper; her fluid movements and the gentle sway of her hands and hips, it was just a sketch, but my wife still loves it and kept it for our wall.

During this time, I also explored the Alla Prima Technique and Plein Air paintings, which allowed me to further expand my artistic repertoire and skills. It's a challenging and exciting experience painting en plein air, as I try to capture the fleeting beauty of a scene before the light changes, my favorite time to paint is right at sunrise.

Love and Inspiration Across Borders

As I ventured to Florianopolis, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and later to Playa del Carmen in Mexico, my travels exposed me to diverse landscapes, cultures, and people, each influencing and inspiring my artwork. It was in Rio de Janeiro that I met and fell in love with another foreigner originally from California. Our love story eventually led me to move to Maui, where we married in 2015 and now live together in Lahaina. I love to remember the warmth of her smile, intense physical chemistry, and the feeling of butterflies in my stomach as we shared our first dance together under the moonlit Cristo Redentor in Rio. This powerful connection has continued to be a driving force in my life and my art, as it is a testament to the transformative power of love.

Art, Intuition, and the Power of Love

For me, art is an expression of love, beauty, and joy, enabling connections with others and sharing these potent emotions. Intuition plays a crucial role in recognizing and embracing love, not only in personal relationships but also in the creation and appreciation of art.

Capturing Love Through Live Wedding Paintings

My life with my wife on the beautiful islands of Hawaii, our friendship, and the romantic connection I share with her has been a constant source of inspiration for my art. This inspiration, coupled with the love and joy shared by couples and their guests during weddings, led me to start offering live wedding paintings as part of my artistic services. By immortalizing these special moments and the love that permeates these events, I am able to create unique, meaningful, and heartfelt keepsakes for couples to treasure forever. The first live wedding painting I did was a gift for a couple of friends, I remember feeling the excitement as I captured the emotions of the couple on canvas, knowing that this piece would hold a special place in their hearts for years to come.

My past travels have exposed me to different landscapes, cultures, and people that have inspired and influenced my identity, images, and colors. My experience as a teacher, art consultant, and artist demonstrated to me that "Art is always related to Love." There's a love relationship between art and beauty. We are born with the necessary intuition to be attracted to what is good for us because our basic instincts tell us that it's beautiful. The night in Rio de Janeiro when I met my wife, I was lost in the intense feelings of true beauty and natural attraction, beyond what is psychological or physical; it was spiritual. After more than 10 years, she still proves to me that my intuition was right, and I love her more and more. I am grateful, and I want to use this same intuitive sense and inspiration to bring love, beauty, and joy to people through art.

The Intertwined Journey of Art and Personal Growth

My journey as an artist and person has been profoundly transformative, beginning in Chile and continuing to my life in Maui with my wife, Vanessa. Her presence has inspired me to evolve from a skeptical, egocentric, and unhappy young artist to a joyful, spiritual husband who constantly strives for self-improvement. This metamorphosis has allowed me to move beyond pride and ego, and instead, draw inspiration from love, gratitude, and contemplation of beauty. I recall a particular moment when Vanessa and I were walking along Baldwin Beach in Paia, and she pointed out the beauty in the smallest details - the sea turtles, and the heart-shaped coral in the sand she always finds. Her psychic intuition leads her to see the energy of love in simple things, her vision helped me see the world in a new light and embrace the joy in small, everyday moments. I learned with her about meditation, psychic tools, the power of love, and the impact it had on my art. This realization has continued to shape my art, as I strive to infuse my work with the same love and joy I feel in my personal life.

As an artist, I want to express love, beauty, and joy through my art, with the hope of enriching and inspiring the lives of others. My experiences have taught me the value of love, intuition, and the importance of following one's passion, and I want my clients to know that the driving force behind my work stems from a genuine appreciation for the world around me. I believe that we can all learn from life's twists and turns, embracing growth and transformation as we pursue our passions and share the beauty we create with those around us. Looking back on my journey, I can see the threads of love and personal growth woven throughout my art, and I am grateful for every experience that has led me to where I am today. Each painting tells a story, not just of the subjects depicted, but also of the emotions and experiences that have shaped me as an artist and a person.

To learn more about my artwork and services, including live wedding paintings, visit my Maui Wedding Art website. Browse through my portraits and discover the incredible artistic talent that has shaped my career. If you are interested in live wedding paintings, explore how much it costs and learn about the growing popularity of this unique art form. You can also read about my process and the history of wedding paintings.

Feel free to contact me for more information or to book my services. I look forward to capturing the love, beauty, and joy of your special day through my art.

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