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About the Artist:

Ariel Quiroz's early works specialized in realistic portrait drawings and paintings, when he moved to Maui his artwork evolved integrating the figure of his Hula Dancers and Lovers to the Hawaiian Landscapes.

The Alla Prima Technique, Plein Air Paintings, and Ariel’s travels have witnessed different landscapes, cultures, and people. This has inspired and influenced his style, images, and colors.

For Ariel “Art is Related to Love”. When he talks about his wife and moving to Maui he said: “There’s a Love relationship between Art and Beauty. We are born with the necessary Intuition to be attracted to what is Good for us because our basic instincts tell us that it's Beautiful. I want to use this same Intuitive Sense and Inspiration to bring Love, Beauty, and Joy to People through Art.”

Portrait of Ariel Quiroz, a distinguished live wedding painter based in Maui, captured in a contemplative moment. The soft sepia tones of the image highlight his thoughtful expression and the details of his curly hair, conveying an artistic and reflective mood. Ariel's gaze, slightly off-camera, invites a connection with the viewer, resonating with the personal and intimate nature of his artistry in capturing the essence of wedding celebrations.
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