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Ariel Quiroz.

How a Chilean Artist moved to Brazil and ended up in Hawaii because of Love.

Born and raised in Chile in 1981, where he was best known for his Portrait Drawings and Paintings. Since 1995 he participated in competitions, exhibitions, and artistic projects including Art Exhibitions, Photography, Installation, Performance, Theater, Short Films, and Teaching.

In 1995 Ariel promised himself to pursue Art as a career at age 13 when he applied to study Fine Arts at the L.E.A., an exclusive and prestigious Art School for talented children where he received in 1999 a diploma in Visual Art Techniques specializing in painting and graphic arts, the same year he also received the highest honor with an Award of Outstanding Participation in the specialty of Painting.

In 2006 he received his first Magna Cum Laude degree graduating in Visual Art from UPLA University, ln 2010 he received two more bachelor’s degrees both Cum Laude, one in Education and the other in High School Art Teaching from U.N.A.B. University.

In 2011 Ariel ventured to Florianopolis in Brazil, and later to Rio de Janeiro, where he fell in love with another foreigner originally from California. In 2012, still wanting to share his art, explore, and be closer to his loved muse who lived in Hawaii, he voyaged to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where he joined Cultural Projects and Galleries.

Ariel agreed to move to Maui because his loved one was homesick, he has been living in Maui since December 2013, he married his muse Vanessa in 2015 and now they live together in Lahaina.

Ariel’s past travels have seen different landscapes, cultures, and people that have inspired and influenced his identity, images, and colors. His experience as a teacher, art consultant, and artist demonstrated to him that “Art is always related to Love”.

“There’s a Love relationship between Art and Beauty. We are born with the necessary Intuition to be attracted to what is Good for us because our basic instincts tell us that it's Beautiful. The night in Rio de Janeiro when I met my wife, I was lost in the intense feelings of True Beauty and Natural Attraction, beyond what is psychological or physical, it was spiritual. After 10 years, she still proves to me that my intuition was right, and I love her more and more. I am grateful and I want to use this same Intuitive Sense and Inspiration to bring Love, Beauty, and Joy to People through Art.”

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