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Testimonials, Reviews, and Client Feedback.

This was amazing! We wanted to commission a painting from Ariel with me and my fiancé and he drew a beautifully colorful painting as our welcome sign for our wedding. Our guests loved the caricatures and it was such a fun addition to our wedding. Ariel is gracious, friendly and his work is worth every single penny. Couldn’t recommend him enough!

Jordan and Sarah, Groom and Bride

Thank you for providing such a unique experience for our wedding! Your art piece will be something we treasure forever!

Rachel, Bride

Fantastic experience. Would definitely recommend working with Ariel for live wedding paintings!

We had such a good experience working with Ariel and having him as part of our wedding day. Ariel did a live wedding painting with studio touch-ups. Before the wedding, we had multiple phone calls with Ariel to discuss what we were looking for in the painting. This was super helpful because it allowed us to give him an idea of what we wanted, rather than him just painting a scene from the day. It made us feel really good and I think it's amazing that he prioritizes his client's wants, and takes the time to speak with them about what they are looking for. We gave him a rough idea of the scene we wanted to be painted and then we gave him the artistic freedom to do what he does best. He did not disappoint! Having him paint live at the wedding was also incredible! All of our guests loved it and it was so cool watching him paint the scene live. I really would recommend a live wedding painting to everyone, and most important would recommend Ariel. He was very professional and made the process personal by involving us as a couple. Our painting came out amazing as well! He was quick and responsive and kept us in the loop during every stage of the process.

Ashlyn, Bride

One of the best parts of our wedding
"After seeing a friend's wedding painting at her house, I googled live artists in Maui and am SO glad that led me to Ariel. He was so easy to work with from start to finish, has such a great attitude, and is so extremely talented. Our painting is everything we could have dreamed of and more, and he was so quick to get it to us after completion. SO many of our guests commented on how it was such a good idea to have done. You will not regret it!"

Ellen, Mother of the Groom

“Ariel did such an amazing job capturing everything about that glorious day! I will always look at the painting and be transported back.”

Zach, Groom

“When my fiancé suggested we add a live portrait artist, I didn’t know what to expect.  It wasn’t until the day of the wedding waiting for her to arrive that I began to appreciate what we were getting.  Ariel was setup painting the surroundings and interacting with our guests. It was exciting to watch him work.  Then once we received the finished piece of art, I was speechless.   It is beyond what I would have imagined.” 

Debbie, Bride

“Words cannot express how thrilled I am to have a work of art hanging in our home to keep the love and joy of our wedding day alive.  When we made the decision to have Ariel do a live portrait of our ceremony, I never imagined it would be so amazing.  Not only did it capture the beauty of the day, his artistic approach added details (like our three kitties) that we never would have known to ask for.  Our guests loved interacting with Ariel and watching him in action.   He was full of happiness, which we feel every day when we look at our painting.  Mahalo Nui Loa!”

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