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Wedding Painting Sizes

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Choosing the Perfect Canvas for Your Special Day

When it comes to capturing the essence of your wedding day through a live wedding painting, choosing the right size is crucial. The size of your wedding painting not only impacts the composition and level of detail but also determines how it will fit into your home and budget. At Maui Wedding Art, I offer a range of wedding painting packages and sizes to suit your unique vision and preferences.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Wedding Painting Size

  1. Composition: The size of your painting should accommodate the desired composition, whether it's a couple-centered focus or a crowd scene.

  2. Level of Detail: Larger sizes allow for more intricate details, such as recognizable faces and advanced techniques.

  3. Display Location: Consider the wall space available in your home and how the painting will fit into your decor.

  4. Budget: Different sizes and packages come with varying price points, so choose one that aligns with your budget.


Maui Wedding Art's Live Wedding Painting Packages and Sizes

  1. Alla Prima Impression Package: 16" x 20"

    • 4 hours of live event painting at the event (minimum)

    • Additional 1 hour in the studio for simple retouches

    • Suitable for capturing the essence of the event with a quick, impressionistic style

    • Shipping: Sent 2 weeks after the event

  2. Retouched Quality Package: 18" x 24"

    • 8 hours of work total (4 hours at the event, 4 hours in the studio)

    • Sketch of the empty location before the event (when possible)

    • Additional studio time for more detailed retouches

    • Shipping: Sent 3 weeks after the event

  3. Studio Quality Package: 24" x 30" or 24" x 36"

    • 14 hours of work total (4 hours at the event, 10 hours in the studio)

    • Sketch of the empty location before the event (when possible)

    • Additional studio time spread across 2 or 3 sessions for more recognizable faces, glassing and blending techniques, and better details

    • Shipping: Sent 4 weeks after the event

  4. Fine Art Quality Package: 30" x 40"

    • 40 hours of work total (4 hours at the event, 36 hours in the studio)

    • Sketch of the empty location before the event (when possible)

    • Extensive studio time spread across 5 to 10 sessions for realistic faces, advanced glassing and blending techniques, and exquisite details

    • Shipping: Timeframe to be discussed with the artist

Customizing Your Wedding Painting Size and Package

To ensure your live wedding painting perfectly captures your vision, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Ariel Quiroz, the talented artist behind Maui Wedding Art. During this consultation, you can discuss your preferences, the available wall space in your home, and your budget. Ariel will guide you through the process of selecting the ideal package and size for your unique needs, helping you balance the desired level of detail with your chosen options.


The Live Wedding Painting Process

Once you've selected your wedding painting size and package, the live wedding painting process begins. When possible, Ariel will create an initial sketch of the empty location before the event. On your special day, he will paint live at your wedding for 4 hours, capturing the essence of the celebration. After the event, Ariel will spend additional time in his studio refining and retouching your painting, with the amount of time varying based on your chosen package. Finally, your completed masterpiece will be shipped to you, ready to be displayed in your home as a timeless reminder of your love story.

The Benefits of Choosing a Standard Wedding Painting Size

While custom sizes are available upon request, opting for a standard size offers several advantages:

  1. Streamlined Production: Standard sizes allow for a more efficient painting process, as the artist is well-versed in working with these dimensions.

  2. Framing Ease: Choosing a standard size makes it easier to find a suitable frame for your wedding painting, as these sizes are more readily available in the market.

  3. Balanced Composition: Standard sizes have been carefully chosen to ensure a well-balanced composition that captures the essence of your special day.


Preserving Your Wedding Memories: The Longevity of Oil Paintings

When you invest in a live wedding painting, you're not just purchasing a piece of art; you're preserving a cherished memory for generations to come. Oil paintings, when properly cared for, can last for centuries. Here are a few tips to ensure your wedding painting stands the test of time:

  1. Display your painting away from direct sunlight and heat sources to prevent fading and cracking.

  2. Dust your painting regularly with a soft, dry brush to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris.

  3. If necessary, have your painting professionally cleaned and restored by a qualified art conservator.

By following these simple guidelines, your live wedding painting will remain a stunning testament to your love story for years to come.

From Maui to Your Home: Shipping and Handling of Your Wedding Painting

Once your wedding painting is complete, Ariel Quiroz and the Maui Wedding Art team will carefully package your artwork to ensure its safe arrival at your doorstep. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Professional Packaging: Your painting will be wrapped in protective materials and securely placed in a sturdy shipping box.

  2. Insured Shipping: All paintings are shipped with insurance to give you peace of mind during the transit process.

  3. Tracking Information: You will receive a tracking number so you can monitor your painting's journey from Maui to your home.

Upon arrival, carefully unbox your painting and find the perfect spot to display your one-of-a-kind wedding memento.

Create Your Perfect Wedding Painting with Maui Wedding Art

Choosing the right wedding painting size is essential to creating a stunning, personalized work of art that you'll cherish for a lifetime. At Maui Wedding Art, we offer a range of sizes and packages to suit your needs and budget. Explore our options and book your consultation with Ariel Quiroz today to start the process of capturing your love story on canvas. Let us help you create a timeless masterpiece that will forever celebrate your special day in paradise.

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