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The Live Wedding Painting Artist Behind Maui's Most Memorable Weddings

Meet the Artist Behind Maui Wedding Art

A beautiful live wedding painting, capturing the magical moment of a couple's first kiss, with Maui's stunning backdrop.
Live Wedding painting at the Andaz

Aloha! I'm Ariel Quiroz, the artist behind Maui Wedding Art. Over the years, I've had the privilege of being a Live Wedding Painter at many Destination Weddings in Hawaii and I'm thrilled to share my journey as a Live Wedding Painter with you. My passion is to capture the magic of Destination Weddings in Hawaii through my art, creating a unique keepsake that couples can treasure forever.

I've witnessed firsthand the evolution of Maui Weddings and the emerging Hawaii Wedding Trends. From intimate beach ceremonies to grand outdoor receptions, each wedding is a unique story waiting to be told.

One of my most recent experiences was at a beach wedding in the Andaz Wailea. As I set up my easel, the father of the groom, who is a famous baseball player, approached me to talk about the couple’s love story. The bride and groom exchanged vows under the kiawe tree and the setting sun, and I worked to capture this beautiful moment on canvas. By the end of the evening, I had a painting that not only depicted the couple and their children but also the vibrant colors of the Hawaiian sunset and the gentle waves lapping at the shore.

A beautiful live wedding painting, capturing the magical moment of a couple's first kiss, with Maui's stunning backdrop.
Live Wedding Painting at the Andaz

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what one happy couple had to say about my work: One of the best parts of our wedding "After seeing a friend's wedding painting at her house, I googled live artists in Maui and am SO glad that led me to Ariel. He was so easy to work with from start to finish, has such a great attitude, and is so extremely talented. Our painting is everything we could have dreamed of and more, and he was so quick to get it to us after completion. SO many of our guests commented on how it was such a good idea to have done. You will not regret it!” Ashlyn, Bride

I invite you to join me on this journey as I share more about my process, my experiences, and the joy I find in painting weddings. And if you're planning a wedding in Hawaii, I'd love to help you capture your special day in a unique and memorable way.

Contact me for a consultation, or check out my portfolio to see more of my work.

The Evolution of a Live Wedding Painter

I've been creating art for over 20 years specializing in portraits, before I became a full-time wedding artist with Maui Wedding Art, I used to work as an art consultant selling art for other artists. My journey as an artist has been profoundly transformative, beginning in Chile and continuing to my life in Maui with my wife, Vanessa. Her presence has inspired me to evolve from a skeptical, egocentric, and unhappy young artist to a joyful, spiritual husband who constantly strives for self-improvement. This metamorphosis has allowed me to move beyond pride and ego, and instead, draw inspiration from love, gratitude, and contemplation of beauty. I recall a particular moment when Vanessa and I were walking along Baldwin Beach in Paia, and she pointed out the beauty in the smallest details - the sea turtles, and the heart-shaped coral in the sand she always finds. Her psychic intuition leads her to see the energy of love in simple things, her vision helped me see the world in a new light and embrace the joy in small, everyday moments. I learned with her about meditation, psychic tools, the power of love, and the impact it had on my art. This realization has continued to shape my art, as I strive to infuse my work with the same love and joy I feel in my personal life.

A beautiful live wedding painting, capturing the magical moment of a couple's first kiss, with Maui's backdrop and officiant.
Wedding painting first kiss with officiant

My journey as a Live Wedding Painter was born out of a deep-seated love for art and an appreciation for the enchanting beauty of Maui Weddings. The vibrant hues of the beach, the lush tropical landscapes, and the joyous celebrations of love captivated me. I yearned to encapsulate these moments in a unique and meaningful way, and thus, Maui Wedding Art was conceived.

As a Live Wedding Painter, I have the privilege of attending weddings at some of the most stunning Wedding Venues in Hawaii. I set up my easel and paint the ceremony and reception as they unfold. The result is a personalized piece of art that encapsulates the essence of the couple's special day. It's a unique form of Wedding Entertainment that also provides a lasting keepsake.

The Magic of Live Wedding Painting

What sets Live Wedding Painting apart is its ability to capture the energy and emotion of the moment. It's more than just a painting; it's a story told through art. Each brushstroke is a reflection of the laughter, tears, and joy that make each wedding unique.

As a Live Wedding Painter, I have the privilege of being a part of these intimate moments. I get to witness the exchange of vows at Beach Weddings in Hawaii, the first dance at Luxury Weddings in Hawaii, and the joyous celebrations at Outdoor Weddings in Hawaii. Each wedding is a new adventure, a new story to tell.

In the next sections, I'll share more about the process of live wedding painting, how I collaborate with Wedding Planners in Hawaii and Wedding Coordinators in Hawaii, and how my art contributes to the latest Hawaii Wedding Trends. Stay tuned!

The Process of Live Wedding Painting

As a Live Wedding Painter, my process begins long before the wedding day. I work closely with Wedding Planners or Coordinators, and directly with the couple to understand the couple's vision for their day. We discuss the venue, the timing, the color scheme, the key moments they want to be captured, and any specific elements they want to be included in the painting.

Live wedding painting, capturing the magical moment of a couple's first kiss, with Grand Wailea Chapel stunning backdrop.

I understand the importance of punctuality and professionalism in ensuring the day runs smoothly. I respect the rules and regulations of each venue and work diligently to ensure my presence enhances the event rather than causing any disruption.

On the day of the wedding, I arrive early to set up my easel and materials. As the guests arrive and the ceremony begins, I start painting. I work quickly, capturing the energy and movement of the day. It's a dynamic process, with the painting evolving as the day unfolds.

After the wedding, I take the painting back to my studio to add the finishing touches. This is where I can add more detail and depth to the painting, ensuring that it's a true reflection of the couple's special day. Once the painting is complete, it's delivered to the couple as a unique Wedding Keepsake.

Collaborating with Wedding Planners and Coordinators

Collaboration is a key part of my role as a Live Wedding Painter. I work closely with Wedding Planners in Hawaii and Wedding Coordinators in Hawaii to ensure that the live painting process runs smoothly. We coordinate the logistics, such as where I'll set up my easel when I'll arrive, and how the painting will be incorporated into the wedding day.

A beautiful live wedding painting, capturing the magical moment of a couple's first kiss, with West Side Maui's stunning backdrop.

I believe in the power of collaboration and am always open to ideas and suggestions from wedding planners and coordinators. I understand that they have a unique insight into the couple's vision for their day, and I am flexible and adaptable to help bring this vision to life.

Working with wedding planners and coordinators also allows me to stay up-to-date with the latest Hawaii Wedding Trends. Whether it's Beach Weddings in Hawaii, Luxury Weddings in Hawaii, or Outdoor Weddings in Hawaii, I'm always learning and adapting to create artwork that reflects the current trends.

Contributing to Hawaii Wedding Trends

As a Live Wedding Painter, I have the opportunity to contribute to Hawaii Wedding Trends. Live wedding painting is a unique form of Wedding Entertainment that's becoming increasingly popular at Destination Weddings in Hawaii. It adds a creative and interactive element to the wedding, and it results in a personalized piece of Wedding Artwork that the couple can treasure forever.

I keep myself updated with the latest wedding trends and am always looking for ways to incorporate these into my live wedding paintings. Whether it's a new color scheme, a unique venue, or a different style of ceremony, I can adapt my work to reflect these trends.

In addition to painting the wedding ceremony, I also offer Wedding Portraits. These are personalized paintings of the couple, created from photos. They're a beautiful way to capture the love and connection between the couple, and they make a wonderful wedding gift.

The Impact of Live Wedding Painting

As a Live Wedding Painter, I've seen firsthand the impact that live wedding painting can have. It's not just about creating a piece of Wedding Artwork – it's about adding a unique element to the wedding day that engages the guests and creates a memorable experience.

Guests often tell me how much they enjoy watching the painting come to life throughout the day. It's a conversation starter, a form of Wedding Entertainment, and a unique way to capture the day. The final painting is more than just a Wedding Keepsake – it's a visual representation of the couple's love story, filled with personal details and memories from their special day.

Looking to the Future

Looking to the future, I'm excited to continue growing Maui Wedding Art and bringing the magic of live wedding painting to more Destination Weddings in Hawaii. I'm always exploring new techniques and ideas to keep my work fresh and innovative. Whether it's incorporating Tropical Wedding Themes or experimenting with different styles of Wedding Portraits, I'm committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible with wedding art.

I am eager to build strong, lasting relationships with wedding venues, planners, and coordinators. I believe that by working together, we can create unforgettable experiences for couples on their special day.

I'm also looking forward to collaborating with more Wedding Venues in Hawaii, Wedding Planners in Hawaii, and Wedding Coordinators in Hawaii. Together, we can create unforgettable wedding experiences that are as unique and special as the couples we're celebrating.


1. What is a Live Wedding Painter?

A Live Wedding Painter is an artist who attends your wedding and creates a painting of your ceremony or reception as it unfolds. It's a unique form of wedding entertainment that results in a personalized piece of artwork.

2. What does the process of live wedding painting involve?

The process begins with a consultation to discuss the couple's vision for their day. On the wedding day, I arrive early to set up my easel and materials. As the ceremony or reception unfolds, I capture the key moments and details in the painting. After the wedding, I add the finishing touches at my studio.

3. How can I incorporate live wedding painting into my wedding?

Live wedding painting can be incorporated into any part of your wedding day. Whether it's the ceremony, the first dance, or the reception, I can capture any moment you choose.

4. What do I receive at the end of the process?

You will receive a unique, hand-painted piece of artwork that captures the energy and beauty of your wedding day. It's a lasting keepsake that you can treasure forever.

Final Conclusion

As a Live Wedding Painter, I feel incredibly privileged to play a part in so many couples' wedding days. Each wedding is a new opportunity to create something beautiful and meaningful. I'm passionate about capturing the love, joy, and energy of these special moments in my paintings. If you're planning a wedding in Hawaii and you're looking for a unique way to capture your day, I'd love to hear from you.

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