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Best Wedding Venues on Maui for 2024. Part Two: Central Maui, North Shore, Upcountry, East Maui.

Updated: Mar 19

Best Wedding Venues on Maui part two. Summary

This guide invites readers on a journey through Maui's most enchanting wedding venues across Central Maui, North Shore, Upcountry, and East Maui. With vivid descriptions that blend the island's natural beauty with the unique allure of each location, this guide highlights the diverse and picturesque settings available for couples dreaming of a Hawaiian wedding. From the historic charm of Haiku Mill to the tranquil luxury of Hana Maui Resort, the article serves as a comprehensive resource, offering insights into venue options that promise to make any wedding day unforgettable. With a focus on sustainable tourism and the spirit of aloha, this piece not only explores the visual and emotional appeal of Maui's wedding venues but also honors the island's rich cultural heritage and natural splendor.


Aloha, and Welcome to Your Dream Maui Wedding

Embark on the second chapter of our enchanting journey across Maui's most idyllic wedding venues. As we venture beyond the sunny coasts of South Maui, a world of diverse landscapes and captivating beauty awaits. From the serene grandeur of Central Maui to the lush vistas of the North Shore, the quaint charm of Upcountry, and the pristine seclusion of East Maui, each locale offers a unique canvas for your love story.

In this installment, we explore the heart and soul of Maui, where the spirit of aloha flourishes. Discover venues steeped in the island's rich heritage, offering breathtaking backdrops for your special day. Whether it's the historic allure of Haiku Mill, the tranquil elegance of Hana Maui Resort, or the aromatic lavender fields of Upcountry, our guide highlights the myriad of picturesque settings that promise an unforgettable wedding experience.

Join us as we celebrate the diversity and beauty of Maui's wedding venues, honoring the island's cultural legacy and natural splendor. Let's make your wedding day a testament to love, unity, and the enduring charm of the Hawaiian islands. Mahalo for allowing Maui to be the backdrop to your love story—a journey where every moment is a step into a dream woven with the threads of tradition and the warm embrace of aloha.

As you explore these venues, we are mindful of the challenges our island has faced in 2023. The recent Lahaina Fires and the ongoing housing crisis have deeply impacted our communities, particularly in West Maui. These events have reminded us of the resilience and strength of our people and the importance of supporting and uplifting each other.

With this in mind, I have tailored our series to culminate with the 'Best Wedding Venues on Maui for 2024. West Maui,' allowing additional time for the community there to heal and rebuild. This thoughtful scheduling reflects our commitment to responsible tourism and our deep respect for the land and its people.


Venue Name



1670 HI-30, Wailuku, HI 96793


2500 HI-30, Wailuku, HI 96793


Hawaii 96793


250 Haiku Rd, Haiku, HI 96708


1100 Waipoli Rd, Kula, HI 96790


Central Maui

Maui Tropical Plantation

Located in the verdant heart of Wailuku, Hawaii, the Maui Tropical Plantation offers a picturesque sanctuary for weddings, celebrated for its lush landscapes and versatile spaces. Garnering a commendable 4.6 out of 5 rating from 3590 reviews, this venue stands as a testament to its allure and functionality. Among its offerings, the Field of Dreams captivates with the capacity to welcome up to 6000 guests for a grand $10,000, though it's worth noting that electricity is an additional arrangement. Beyond its scenic beauty, the plantation provides comprehensive wedding planning services, accommodating events of various scales with grace and efficiency. For those enchanted by the charm of a Hawaiian plantation wedding, the Maui Tropical Plantation emerges as an impeccable choice, promising a blend of natural splendor and tailored experiences.

The King Kamehameha Golf Club & Kahili Golf Course

Perched on the sculpted slopes of Mauna Kahalawai,  The King Kamehameha Golf Club & Kahili Golf Course presents an unrivaled wedding venue in Maui, Hawaii, with its breathtaking panoramic views of Haleakala, and both the north and south shores of Maui. This exclusive 330-acre venue guarantees privacy amidst its perfectly manicured grounds, offering a singular backdrop for weddings and events. With wedding packages ranging from $450 to $1500, it caters to various budgetary needs without compromising the beauty or the uniqueness of your special day. Esteemed for its picturesque setting and impeccable maintenance, it stands as a preferred choice for couples seeking an extraordinary wedding venue on the island.

A vibrant live wedding painting depicting a traditional Asian-style pavilion with a teal roof and red accents, located beside a tranquil pond in the Iao Valley. Lush greenery and towering mountains surround the scene, with guests milling about in elegant attire. A dramatic rainbow arcs through the cloudy sky, reflecting vividly in the pond below, adding a touch of magic to the serene landscape. Small, detailed figures in the background hint at a joyous wedding celebration in this picturesque setting.
Live Wedding Painting at Iao Valley

Iao Valley

Nestled within the lush landscapes and historical depth of Iao Valley, near Wailuku and Waikapu, Maui offers an unparalleled setting for weddings. Although Iao Valley State Park itself has restrictions due to its protected status, neighboring venues like Iao Valley Inn and Hale Hōʻikeʻike at the Bailey House capture the valley's essence for memorable ceremonies. Iao Valley Inn, a mere two-minute drive from the park, sits on 37 acres, featuring an onsite waterfall, landscaped gardens, and views of the West Maui Mountains and Wailuku River—perfect for intimate gatherings. Meanwhile, Hale Hōʻikeʻike offers a mix of cultural heritage and natural beauty, with a capacity for larger events of up to 300 guests. Understanding permit requirements is essential, especially for events near state-managed lands, to ensure your celebration aligns with local guidelines. These venues provide a scenic, intimate setting that embodies the spirit of Iao Valley, making them ideal choices for your special day. 

North Shore.

Haiku Mill:

Situated on Maui's enchanting north shore, just off the scenic Road to Hana, Haiku Mill is a venue that beautifully marries Old World Europe's charm with the natural beauty of Hawaii. This historic site has been exquisitely restored to offer a dream-like setting reminiscent of a fairy tale. The mill's walls, now intertwined with vibrant greenery, and its open sky create an intimate and private oasis. Here, the past and present blend seamlessly, providing a uniquely beautiful and elegant backdrop for weddings and special occasions. The Haiku Mill promises a botanical paradise that transports its guests to another era, where every moment is steeped in beauty and elegance. Learn more about hosting your fairy tale wedding in this lush tropical setting on our Maui Wedding Art Haiku Mill page.

Upcountry Maui

Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm

The Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm presents a truly unique and mesmerizing venue for weddings, perched at an elevation of about 4000 feet. This enchanting location boasts cool, refreshing air and panoramic views that stretch across the island to the ocean beyond, offering a serene and picturesque setting for your special day. Across its 13.5 acres, the farm flourishes with around 55,000 lavender plants spanning 45 different varieties, enveloping guests in a vibrant and aromatic tapestry that’s as visually stunning as it is fragrant. The farm's wedding packages are designed to immerse couples and their guests in this breathtaking landscape, ensuring an atmosphere of romance and enchantment amidst the sprawling lavender fields and awe-inspiring bi-coastal vistas. While specific details on capacity are not provided, the expansive nature of the farm suggests it can accommodate anything from intimate ceremonies to grander celebrations, making it an idyllic choice for those dreaming of a wedding surrounded by the natural beauty of Maui.

A joyful oil painting of a couple embracing on their wedding day, with the names 'Brian and Nour' and the date 'Oct. 2023' painted above in decorative red script. They are standing on a beach with gentle waves in the background. The bride, in a white strapless gown, is laughing and leaning into the groom, who is wearing a classic black suit and glasses. In the foreground, a loyal French Bulldog looks out towards the viewer, sharing in the celebration. The artist's signature is in the lower right corner.
Wedding Painting

East Maui

Hana Maui Resort

Located on the serene and picturesque eastern coast of Hawaii, along the iconic Road to Hana, the Hana Maui Resort, a Destination by Hyatt Residence, offers a secluded luxury oasis for your dream wedding. This tranquil retreat is nestled at 5031 Hana Highway, Hana, HI, where the lush landscapes of East Maui unfold in breathtaking beauty. With eight distinct venues spread across its expansive 66-acre property, the resort caters to a variety of wedding visions, from intimate poolside vows and beachfront ceremonies to majestic coastal bluff overlooks and elegant covered lanai settings. It can comfortably accommodate up to 125 guests, with specific venues like The Guest House offering space for 60 seated guests or 75 in a cocktail setting. Hana Maui Resort enriches wedding celebrations with exceptional services and amenities, including spa treatments, locally inspired cuisine, and the expertise of a dedicated wedding planner, ensuring every detail is perfectly tailored. Packages start at $6,130 for 50 guests, with venue fees ranging from $1,500 to $7,500. This exclusive setting mandates that the couple stay at the hotel to host their reception, ensuring an intimate and immersive experience. Beyond its luxurious offerings, the resort is committed to environmental stewardship, reflecting Hyatt's dedication to preserving Maui's natural splendor. Discover the enchanting possibilities for your special day at Hana Maui Resort, where tropical dreams and luxury meet in harmony. 


As our journey through Maui's most enchanting wedding venues for 2024 draws to a close, we reflect on the diverse beauty and unique charm each location offers. From Central Maui's historical landmarks to the North Shore's lush allure, Upcountry's aromatic lavender fields, and the tranquil luxury of East Maui's Hana Maui Resort, Maui presents an array of dreamy settings for every couple's nuptial wishes. These venues, steeped in the spirit of aloha, promise not only a breathtaking backdrop for your special day but also a deeply meaningful experience, harmoniously blending with the island's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

This series aims to guide you in choosing the perfect venue to start your love story, enriched by Maui's captivating landscapes and the warm embrace of its people. As we look forward to unveiling more hidden gems, we invite you to stay tuned for the upcoming "Best Wedding Venues on Maui for 2024, Part Three: West Maui," where we will explore the vibrant and resilient spirit of the island's western shores. I invite you to explore the Live Wedding Painting section on my website. Here, you'll find detailed insights into this unique service. For a glimpse into the captured emotions and beauty of previous weddings, visit my Gallery.

For more stories, tips, and insights about combining weddings and art, check out my Blog.

I encourage you to revisit "Best Wedding Venues on Maui for 2024, Part One: South Maui,", and Part 3, West Maui to complete your journey across the island's diverse wedding destinations. Mahalo for considering Maui as the canvas for your wedding day, where every moment is woven into a dream of tradition, beauty, and the everlasting warmth of the Hawaiian sun. Let the magic of Maui transform your wedding into an unforgettable celebration of love and unity.

Ariel Quiroz

Maui Wedding Painter

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