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Best Wedding Venues on Maui for 2024. Part one: South Maui.

My Favorite Best Wedding Venues on Maui

Aloha, as you envision your idyllic wedding in 2024, imagine saying 'I do' amidst the natural beauty of Maui. Maui is the Ideal Location for Your Wedding, offering an unmatched blend of stunning scenery, perfect weather, and a variety of venues that cater to any style. The island's natural wonders—from its beautiful beaches to verdant valleys and volcanic peaks—provide a picturesque canvas for your special day. Along with the vibrant culture and delicious local cuisine, the spirit of aloha radiates, welcoming couples and their guests with open arms.

This is the first of my series exploring the best wedding venues in Maui for 2024. In this article, I delve into the enchanting region of South Maui, a place where the aloha spirit blends harmoniously with stunning natural beauty, making it a perfect destination for your special day.

South Maui, known for its sun-kissed beaches, crystal-clear waters, and luxurious resorts, offers a diverse array of venues to suit every couple’s dream wedding. From intimate beachfront ceremonies to grand ballroom receptions, South Maui's offerings are as varied as they are breathtaking.

As you explore these venues, we are mindful of the challenges our island has faced. The recent Lahaina Fires and the ongoing housing crisis have deeply impacted our communities, particularly in West Maui. These events have reminded us of the resilience and strength of our people and the importance of supporting and uplifting each other.

With this in mind, we have tailored our series to culminate with the 'Best Wedding Venues on Maui for 2024. West Maui,' allowing additional time for the community there to heal and rebuild. This thoughtful scheduling reflects our commitment to responsible tourism and our deep respect for the land and its people.

In this journey through South Maui’s best wedding venues, we not only celebrate love and union but also the spirit of Maui itself. Each venue has been chosen for its unique charm, exceptional service, and ability to create unforgettable experiences, all while embodying the essence of our beautiful island.

So, join me as we embark on this journey through South Maui, discovering the perfect backdrops for your special day, and stay tuned for our upcoming articles showcasing the best that Central Maui, North Shore, Upcountry, East Maui, and eventually West Maui have to offer. Mahalo for considering Maui for your wedding - where love, beauty, and tradition meet under the warmth of the Hawaiian sun.

Andaz Maui: A Blend of Hawaiian Elegance and Modern Luxury

A live wedding painting capturing a couple exchanging vows under a floral arch by a majestic tree with crystal strands, overlooking the serene ocean at sunset, with flower girls and ring bearers in attendance, at the Andaz Maui
A live wedding painting at the Andaz Maui

Discover the unparalleled beauty and luxury of Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort, a premier wedding destination nestled along the picturesque Maui coastline. This exquisite resort is a haven for couples seeking a blend of Hawaiian culture and modern luxury. Delight in the unique Feast at Mōkapu, an exclusive lū’au experience that brings to life the rich history of Hawaii’s Polynesian ancestors, set against the backdrop of the resort's lush lawns and the serene Mōkapu Beach. The resort offers a range of luxurious accommodations, including a spacious villa with panoramic ocean views, ensuring a memorable stay for you and your guests. Enhance your wedding experience with Andaz Maui’s wellness offerings, including bespoke spa treatments and private fitness classes. The resort's Āwili Spa and Salon offers personalized treatments with local Maui elements, adding a touch of island magic to your special day. For your event, choose from over 70,000 square feet of versatile indoor and outdoor spaces, including oceanfront lawns steps from Mokapu Beach, and sleek, residential-style studios perfect for intimate gatherings. Begin your journey together at Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort, where every detail is meticulously crafted to create the wedding of your dreams.

Grand Wailea: A Luxurious Beachfront Wedding Destination

Oil painting of a wedding ceremony at the Wailea Seaside Chapel, with the bride and groom kissing at the altar, a bridal party lined up on either side, all under the warm glow of the chapel's wooden beams and a colorful stained-glass rainbow.

Embrace the epitome of tropical elegance at the Grand Wailea, a luxury beachfront resort that has undergone a multi-faceted revitalization, offering a fresh, modern interpretation of Hawai‘i's rich heritage. Situated in one of the world's most romantic locales, Grand Wailea provides an ideal setting for a quintessential tropical wedding. The resort has recently revamped all of its rooms and suites, including the exclusive Napua Tower, ensuring luxurious accommodations for you and your guests. Culinary delights await at venues like ʻIkena, Botero Lounge, and Olivine, serving authentic Italian dishes infused with local Hawaiian ingredients. Choose between the architecturally stunning Wailea Seaside Chapel and the breathtaking Molokini Bluff for your ceremony, both offering majestic Pacific views and awe-inspiring vistas of Mount Haleakalā. Enhance your celebration with personalized wedding packages like the Pilialoha Bond of Romance, and indulge in a banquet menu crafted by Executive Chef Ryan Urig, tailored to your personal tastes and love story. At Grand Wailea, every moment is imbued with the aloha spirit, creating an enchanting and unforgettable wedding experience.

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea: An Elegant Oceanfront Wedding Oasis

A vivid oil painting depicts a bride and groom embracing amongst lush tropical flora at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. Towering palm trees and the tranquil blue sea create a picturesque backdrop, celebrating the couple's love in this stunning seaside setting.

At the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, experience a luxurious wedding in a setting that captures the essence of Maui’s natural splendor. This open-air beachfront resort, renowned for its spacious accommodations and breathtaking ocean views, offers a paradise-like backdrop for your special day. Celebrate your love at the Oceanfront Lawn, an expansive and versatile venue overlooking Wailea Beach, with sweeping views of Lanai and the Kahalawai Mountains. Alternatively, the Fountain-View Lawn and Terrace presents an elegant indoor-outdoor setting, surrounded by the resort's fountains and lush palm trees.

Oil painting of a couple sharing a kiss under a floral-draped canopy at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, with the sunset casting warm hues over the sea and silhouetted palm trees, evoking the romantic essence of a Hawaiian wedding.

For a more intimate ceremony, consider Plumeria Point, nestled beside the resort's sculpture garden, offering a natural arbor of plumeria trees and stunning ocean and mountain views. Another exquisite choice is the Plumeria Garden, a secluded area with breathtaking ocean vistas, perfect for creating an unforgettable ceremony or reception. The resort’s “one wedding a day” approach ensures your celebration remains exclusive and personal, with each detail meticulously managed by a dedicated team. From luxurious oceanfront suites to exclusive Club Floor rooms, the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea promises an unforgettable wedding experience, blending the spirit of Aloha with unmatched elegance and comfort.

Gather in Maui: Scenic Elegance at Wailea Golf Club

Gather in Maui is a breathtaking wedding venue formerly known as Gannon's, located on the Wailea Gold and Emerald Golf Course. This venue offers panoramic views from the mountainside of Haleakala to the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, creating an idyllic backdrop for your special day. Accommodating up to 120 guests, Gather in Maui is perfect for both intimate and moderately sized weddings. Couples can exchange vows in two ocean-view ceremony sites, including the Lower Knoll and the secluded Molokini Lookout, each offering commanding views and a natural ambiance.

Live wedding painting capturing a ceremony at Gannon's in Wailea, Maui. The vibrant artwork showcases a joyful bride and groom exchanging vows under a natural arch, adorned with lush flowers. Guests are seated in white chairs, witnessing the union as a soft, sunlit sky blankets the scenic ocean view. Palm trees sway gently, and tropical birds soar above the tranquil waters, adding to the serene atmosphere of the Hawaiian landscape.

For receptions, you can choose from the Upper Pond, the lush lawn, or the beautiful restaurant, all providing breathtaking views and a unique atmosphere. Experience the culinary mastery of the chef team at Gather in Maui, who craft wedding menus tailored to perfection, complemented by an array of food and beverage amenities. The dedicated events team ensures no detail is overlooked, meticulously planning each aspect of the wedding from the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony and reception. At Gather in Maui, your wedding day is carefully brought to life amidst the unparalleled natural beauty of Maui.

Sugar Beach Events: Kihei's Oceanfront Wedding Haven

Sugar Beach Events, renowned as one of Maui's most sought-after wedding venues, offers a captivating wedding experience on the beautiful Kihei coast. This venue is celebrated for providing unforgettable weddings, accentuated by stunning ocean views and exemplary service​​. The venue's awe-inspiring location right on the beach presents a spectacular backdrop for both your ceremony and reception. With a capacity to host up to 250 guests, Sugar Beach Events caters to both intimate and large weddings. The lush greenery and tropical plants adorning the venue create a serene and romantic atmosphere, ensuring your wedding is truly memorable​​.

Alt text: "An intimate wedding painting depicting a couple sharing a kiss at the altar, with the azure blue ocean and sky in the background. They stand under an arch beautifully decorated with white and pink flowers, with a trail of delicate white flower petals leading up to them on lush green grass. A traditional Hawaiian officiant, in a white shirt and colorful 'Aloha' print sash, blows a conch shell, signifying the sacred union. The heartfelt moment is set against the breathtaking backdrop of a Hawaiian beach, evoking the spirit and romance of the islands.

The professional team at Sugar Beach Events is dedicated to crafting an unforgettable wedding day. From the initial booking to the final details, the staff works meticulously to ensure every aspect of your wedding is flawless. On your special day, they guarantee smooth operations, from setting up the venue to serving guests. Their Hawaii wedding packages for intimate weddings, include the venue, design, and exclusive use of the property, offering a hassle-free wedding planning experience for destination brides​​.

Sugar Beach Events stands out as an idyllic wedding venue, providing not only a stunning location but also top-notch service and delectable cuisine. The venue's breathtaking setting, comprehensive wedding packages, delicious catering options, and professional staff combine to create the perfect ambiance for your special day. Whether you're planning a small, intimate wedding or a grand celebration, Sugar Beach Events has everything you need to make your wedding day unforgettable​​.

Wailea Beach Resort Marriott: A Luxurious Maui Wedding Destination

Wailea Beach Resort is a stunning oceanfront hotel in the luxury resort area of Wailea that offers an idyllic setting for a fairy-tale destination wedding. Celebrated for its proximity to Maui's sunny south shore, the resort boasts suites, rooms, and event venues closer to the ocean than any other hotel on Maui. With innovative cuisine and an exclusive romantic ambiance, Wailea Beach Resort provides a splendid venue for hosting your wedding​​.

A captivating painting of a wedding ceremony by the sea in Hawaii. A couple stands hand in hand, exchanging vows beneath a floral arch cascading with pink and green foliage, arching towards the tranquil ocean. Towering palm trees frame the scene, enhancing the tropical ambiance. A charming corgi dog sits loyally by the couple, adding a personal touch to the moment. The couple's loving gaze and the serene coastal setting create an atmosphere of romance and natural beauty, perfect for a Hawaiian wedding.

In addition to being one of Maui's top hotels, Wailea Beach Resort offers comprehensive wedding coordination and event planning services. The resort’s team of specialists understands the complexities of planning a destination wedding and is dedicated to making the process enjoyable and stress-free. From entertainment to linens and flowers, they use a variety of resources to bring your wedding vision to life. On the morning of your wedding, indulge in the luxury of taking a dip in the ocean or relaxing poolside, while the team handles all the details​​.

The venue's facilities can accommodate both intimate and large weddings, offering a magical setting for your special day. Exchange vows against the stunning backdrop of a Maui sunset, and then celebrate indoors with air-conditioning, or opt for a fully outdoor event with magical lighting and enchanted elements tailored to your preferences​​. The venue's site fees, food and beverage options, and wedding ceremony packages are among the most competitive on Maui's exclusive sunny south shore​​.

The exceptional service and meticulous attention to detail by the staff, coupled with the dedicated efforts of MeiLi, the event coordinator, to perfect every aspect of your experience, along with the resort's stunning views and top-tier amenities, all converge to create an unforgettable experience.

Hotel Wailea: An Exclusive and Luxurious Wedding Destination

Hotel Wailea, set in the breathtaking landscapes of Maui, Hawaii, offers a unique blend of luxurious tranquility and intimate romance, making it an ideal venue for your wedding celebration. Renowned for its stunning seascapes, attentive service, and the embodiment of aloha spirit, Hotel Wailea ensures a beautiful and luxurious setting for your Maui wedding​​. As a luxurious adults-only resort, it's recognized for its picturesque setting amidst lush tropical foliage, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, providing a perfect backdrop for stylish weddings. The resort, known as one of the most romantic hotels on the island, offers a variety of event spaces, both indoor and outdoor, accommodating anywhere from 10 to 250 guests, thus catering to both intimate and grand celebrations​​.

A painting of a newlywed couple sharing a tender kiss on a grassy hill at sunset, with the bride's long veil flowing elegantly in the breeze and a backdrop of palm trees and a vibrant Hawaiian sky.

Among the popular venues at Hotel Wailea is the Anuhea Terrace, a stunning outdoor location surrounded by lush gardens, overlooking the ocean, and accommodating up to 50 guests with a private bar, dance floor, and lounge area. For a more intimate setting, the resort's Treehouse is a secluded spot nestled amidst treetops, ideal for up to six guests, offering panoramic views of the landscape and a truly private experience​​.

Hotel Wailea's culinary expertise is evident in its award-winning team, providing exceptional catering options for receptions. The menus feature locally sourced ingredients and fresh seafood, with options ranging from plated dinners to buffets and family-style meals, the exceptional quality of meals has been consistently praised by guests​​. The extensive wine list complements every dish, ensuring a memorable dining experience. For a truly private experience, the entire resort can be reserved, making it perfect for a luxurious Maui wedding.

Additionally, Hotel Wailea offers special wedding rates for group reservations of rooms and suites, catering to destination weddings and making it more convenient for guests to enjoy their stay. The resort's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship is evident in features like a solar-powered hot water system, electric vehicle charging stations, and zero-waste practices, allowing couples to celebrate their union in an eco-friendly environment that contributes to preserving Maui's natural beauty​​.

"South Maui Gardens: A Lush Tropical Paradise for Your Wedding

A family portrait from a wedding, featuring a smiling couple in formal attire with their three young children, each exuding joy and elegance.

Discover the enchanting charm of South Maui Gardens, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Kihei, offering an intimate and lush setting for your special day. This tropical oasis is more than just a garden; it's a celebration of Hawaii's natural beauty, featuring an array of indigenous plants and flowers that create a vibrant and serene backdrop for your wedding. At South Maui Gardens, every ceremony is infused with the spirit of aloha, ensuring a deeply personal and memorable experience for you and your guests. The garden’s dedicated team specializes in creating bespoke wedding experiences, tailoring each event to reflect the unique love story of every couple. From intimate elopements to larger celebrations, the versatility of this venue allows for a variety of setups, embracing both the simplicity and grandeur of Maui's landscape. Say 'I do' amidst the whispers of tropical breezes and the fragrance of exotic blooms, making your wedding at South Maui Gardens a truly magical and unforgettable affair."

Live Wedding Painting: Your Maui Wedding through the Eyes of an Artist

As we wrap up our tour of South Maui's premier wedding venues, I'm thrilled to offer a unique addition to your special day. At Maui Wedding Art, live wedding painting is not just a service, it's a passion. As Ariel Quiroz, I have the honor of transforming your unforgettable moments into a canvas of everlasting memories.

Envision your ceremony at the breathtaking Andaz Maui or the romantic Hotel Wailea, with me capturing the essence of your day in real time. Each brushstroke is a celebration of your love story, immortalizing the atmosphere and emotions of your wedding.

To see this artistry in action, I invite you to explore the Live Wedding Painting section on my website. Here, you'll find detailed insights into this unique service. For a glimpse into the captured emotions and beauty of previous weddings, visit our Gallery.

For more stories, tips, and insights about combining weddings and art, check out our Blog. These posts delve into the world of wedding art, offering inspiration and ideas for your own celebration.

Incorporating live wedding painting into your Maui wedding adds an unparalleled touch of elegance and personalization. Thank you for joining me in exploring South Maui's wedding venues. I look forward to possibly bringing an artistic touch to your special day and stay tuned for the upcoming articles featuring other magnificent Maui locations.

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