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Live Guest Portraits at Maui Wedding Art

Capture the Spirit of Your Celebration in Every Stroke

Aloha, I'm Ariel Quiroz, and at Maui Wedding Art, I offer live art services for your guests to make your wedding truly unforgettable. Explore my live guest portrait services, where each style, from funny caricatures to elegant marker drawings and vibrant acrylic on canvas, brings a distinct touch of charm and character to your special day.

Wedding Guest Sketch Artist, I specialize in creating Live Wedding Guest Portraits that add an unforgettable charm to your special day. My Wedding Reception Sketches are more than just drawings; they are a vibrant celebration of your guests' individuality, captured in real time. Offering unique Wedding Day Illustration Services, I focus on crafting personalized, artistic memories that guests can cherish long after your event. With each stroke of my pen and marker, I strive to bring a touch of artistry and elegance to your wedding, making every moment truly exceptional.

Live Guest Sketch Portrait Drawing on Paper

Live Portrait Paintings

I paint your guests into captivating works of art. With each stroke, I capture their unique features on canvas, creating a memorable keepsake from your special day.

As your guests watch their acrylic on canvas portraits unfold, they become part of the art, adding an extra layer of engagement and excitement to your wedding.

A vibrant and expressive guest portrait by Ariel Quiroz, showcasing a couple at a wedding event in Maui. The man, with a light shirt and bow tie, smiles gently as he embraces the woman, who wears a grey dress and a delicate floral headpiece. They are depicted against an abstract backdrop of sunny skies and lush greenery, reflecting the joyful and tropical atmosphere of the occasion. The painting's bold brushstrokes and bright color palette capture the lively spirit and beauty of the moment.

I bring your guests to life with vibrant watercolor portraits, capturing each individual's unique essence on canvas. As they watch their likenesses emerge stroke by stroke, your guests are not just attendees, but become an integral part of the artistry, adding a dynamic layer of interaction and delight to your celebration.

This experience not only enhances the joy of your special day but also leaves your guests with a personal and unforgettable memento. Mahalo for considering my service to add that special touch to your wedding!

Mom and daughter watercolor.jpg

Quickly drawn Live caricature entertainment for your party, wedding ceremony, or any event in Maui or any island in Hawaii.

Smile! My flattering and fun portrait caricatures bring out the best in your guests.

A joyful guest at a Lahaina Loft event, captured mid-sketch with a bright smile as he looks up from his work. He's wearing a light blue shirt that reflects the casual yet vibrant atmosphere of the night out. The focus of the photograph is on the artist, with the details of his drawing pad slightly blurred in the foreground, adding depth and a sense of in-the-moment creativity to the image.

Live Guest Paintings: Memories on Canvas

Transform your wedding atmosphere with Live Guest Paintings. Witness as I use impressionist acrylic sketches to immortalize the essence of your guests. This service isn’t just about creating keepsakes; it’s an immersive experience that adds sophistication and joy to your event.

Why Live Paintings?

  • Interactive Artistry: Watch art come to life, enhancing your event’s ambiance.

  • Cherished Keepsakes: Personalized paintings for your guests to treasure.

  • Elegant Entertainment: A touch of refined creativity at your celebration.

Learn more about Live Guest Paintings

Live Guest Watercolor Portraits: Brushstrokes of Memory

Enchanting Live Guest Watercolor Portraits. With my palette and brushes, I craft soft and fluid representations of your guests, capturing their spirits in a way that harmonizes with the romantic and serene atmosphere of your wedding.

Why Watercolor Portraits?

Watercolor portraits offer a gentle, ethereal quality that beautifully captures the fluidity and essence of your special day. Each brushstroke blends subtle colors and delicate details, creating not just a portrait, but a piece of art that embodies the spirit and individuality of your guests. These portraits serve as sophisticated keepsakes that your loved ones can treasure, bringing a touch of Maui's natural elegance and tranquility into their homes. As a live feature at your wedding, watercolor painting also provides a mesmerizing visual experience, inviting your guests to engage with art in a personal and memorable way.

Live Guest Drawings: Sketches of Joy

Explore the delightful world of Live Guest Drawings. My marker sketches offer a quick, yet intimate portrayal of your guests, blending seamlessly into the festive spirit of your wedding.

Why Live Sketches?

  • Engaging Experience: A captivating display of on-the-spot art.

  • Unique Mementos: Custom sketches as special reminders of your day.

  • Artistic Flair: Add a creative twist to your wedding entertainment.

Discover Live Guest Drawings

Caricature Artist Services: Laughter in Every Line

Bring a burst of humor to your event with our Caricature Artist Services. Ideal for adding a light-hearted and fun element, these caricatures are not just drawings but memories filled with laughter.

Why Caricatures?

  • Joyful Entertainment: A playful addition to your wedding.

  • Humorous Keepsakes: Whimsical caricatures for a lasting smile.

  • Unique Artistry: A special touch that guests of all ages will love.

Learn about our Caricature Artist Services

Booking Your Unique Art Experience

To bring live art to your celebration, contact me for availability and booking details. With flexible packages and customizable options, we cater to weddings of all sizes. Remember, early booking is essential to secure your date!

Ready to Add Art to Your Celebration?

Contact me to discuss your vision, or explore our FAQs for more information. Let's make your wedding day an artistic masterpiece that you and your guests will cherish forever.

A live painter at your event is the New Wedding Ceremony or Reception Trend.
Whether you're the bride-to-be, the mother-of-the-groom, or an event planner, I would love to hear all about your special day!

I can portray your Wedding in a masterpiece of
Fine Art that you will have to remember forever. 

A 16x20 live wedding painting by Ariel Quiroz, capturing a couple's romantic embrace under a floral arch in Lahaina. The bride, in a white fitted gown with a trailing veil, and the groom, in a sharp blue suit, stand forehead-to-forehead, exuding intimacy and affection. Tropical flowers and foliage adorn the wooden arch and matching planters on either side, highlighting the natural beauty of Maui as the setting sun casts a warm glow over the scene, encapsulating the couple's joy on their special day.

Commission a work of art that showcases you or someone you love: Weddings, Family, Friends, Pets...

Turn any picture into a custom handmade Realistic or Expressive Portrait.

A 16x20 oil on canvas portrait by Ariel Quiroz featuring a smiling couple against a Hawaiian sunset backdrop. The man wears a light shirt and a black kukui nut lei, while the woman is adorned with a pink plumeria lei and a matching blue outfit. Behind them, a palm tree sways in the gentle breeze, and the sky transitions from the warm oranges and yellows of the setting sun to the cool purples of twilight, reflecting the joy and beauty of island life.

Commission a funny and cute caricature of your loved one, just send me the picture and a description and I will do my best. 

Colorful caricature by Ariel Quiroz depicting a happy couple on their honeymoon in Maui, 2021. The man is in a floral shirt and shorts, making a shaka sign, while the woman in a red bikini poses playfully with a plumeria flower in her hair. Behind them, the ocean sparkles under a blue sky with whimsical heart-shaped clouds, and a palm tree leans into the gentle island breeze, capturing the blissful and lighthearted spirit of their Hawaiian getaway.

Bring to life Completely personalized artwork in an artistic, unique, and really personalized design based on your "One of a kind" idea.

Whatever your inspiration, a landscape with the location of your wedding, customized portraits, illustrations, etc.

I offer a wide selection of original artworks that showcase the natural beauty and unique culture of the Hawaiian Islands. My artwork spans a variety of subjects and styles, including landscapes, seascapes, and cultural traditions. Whether you're looking for a stunning centerpiece for your home, or office, or a thoughtful gift for a loved one, my original artworks are sure to inspire and delight. Browse my portfolio to discover my artistic perspective.

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