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A playful caricature by Ariel Quiroz featuring a woman with a warm smile and large, expressive eyes, her brown hair framing her face. The drawing exaggerates her head size in contrast to her petite body, depicted in a volleyball outfit with a ball under her arm, emphasizing her sporty character. The artwork's use of soft pastel tones on a textured paper background gives it a lively and engaging appeal.
A black and white photo capturing a moment of joy at a live caricature session by Ariel Quiroz. A guest, wearing a name tag and a bright smile, watches as Ariel, focused and with a confident hand, sketches a playful portrait. The light-filled room and the casual, friendly atmosphere reflect the enjoyable and personal experience of having one's caricature drawn at an event.

Live Caricature Artist

Memorable and Entertaining
Wedding or any event!

Caricatures are a  perfect entertainment choice for occasions such as holiday parties, company picnics, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions, class/family reunions, proms, student lock-ins, graduations, grand openings, open houses, boat charters, trade shows, conventions and of course... YOUR SPECIAL EVENT!

A candid photo of Ariel Quiroz, a live caricature artist, engaging with a guest at an event. Ariel, in a vibrant Hawaiian shirt, laughs and converses with the person whose caricature he is drawing, creating a warm and interactive atmosphere. The focus on Ariel's delighted expression, with the drawing subject slightly out of focus, captures the essence of the personal and joyous experiences he crafts through his art.
Include High detail Caricature of Hosts at the cover of Diptych
Caricature Artist Black and White VIP
3 hr
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