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Share aloha and love with my unique art services.

From live event paintings to bespoke portraits, I capture the heart of your celebration. Let my art celebrate and immortalize your moments, adding a flourish of joy and sophistication to any occasion.

Live Paintings

A live painter at your event is the New Wedding Ceremony or Reception Trend.
Whether you're the bride-to-be, the mother-of-the-groom, or an event planner, I would love to hear all about your special day!

I can portray your Wedding in a masterpiece of
Fine Art that you will have to remember forever. 

A 16x20 live wedding painting by Ariel Quiroz, capturing a couple's romantic embrace under a floral arch in Lahaina. The bride, in a white fitted gown with a trailing veil, and the groom, in a sharp blue suit, stand forehead-to-forehead, exuding intimacy and affection. Tropical flowers and foliage adorn the wooden arch and matching planters on either side, highlighting the natural beauty of Maui as the setting sun casts a warm glow over the scene, encapsulating the couple's joy on their special day.
Live wedding painting capturing a beautiful ceremony in Oahu, click to learn more about my Live Wedding Paintings service.
Ariel Quiroz's live wedding painting captures a couple's special day with vibrant colors and intricate details, showcasing his expertise as a wedding painter and turning cherished moments into a timeless work of art.

My live guest portrait offerings range from whimsical caricatures and refined marker drawings to vibrant acrylic paintings on canvas, each infused with a unique charm and character to captivate your guests and enrich your celebration.

Live Caricature of a little girl doing a mic drop
Live Guest Sketch Portratit Drawing at a Wedding Reception in Maui
Live Guest Portratit Painting at a Wedding Reception in Maui

Commission a work of art that showcases you or someone you love: Weddings, Family, Friends, Pets...

Turn any picture into a custom handmade Realistic or Expressive Portrait.

commissioned oil on canvas portrait of a baby. Oil on canvas.
commissioned oil on canvas portrait of a couple engaged
commissioned oil on canvas portrait of a couple engaged
commissioned oil on canvas portrait of a couple in Kauai

Bring to life Completely personalized artwork in an artistic, unique, and really personalized design based on your "One of a kind" idea.

Whatever your inspiration, a landscape with the location of your wedding, customized portraits, illustrations, etc.

three sisters sitting on a beach portrait. Oil on canvas

Commission a funny and cute caricature of your loved one, just send me the picture and a description and I will do my best. 

Colorful caricature by Ariel Quiroz depicting a happy couple on their honeymoon in Maui, 2021. The man is in a floral shirt and shorts, making a shaka sign, while the woman in a red bikini poses playfully with a plumeria flower in her hair. Behind them, the ocean sparkles under a blue sky with whimsical heart-shaped clouds, and a palm tree leans into the gentle island breeze, capturing the blissful and lighthearted spirit of their Hawaiian getaway.

I offer a wide selection of original artworks that showcase the natural beauty and unique culture of the Hawaiian Islands. My artwork spans a variety of subjects and styles, including landscapes, seascapes, and cultural traditions. Whether you're looking for a stunning centerpiece for your home, or office, or a thoughtful gift for a loved one, my original artworks are sure to inspire and delight. Browse my portfolio to discover my artistic perspective.

Oil on canvas painting of the Maria Lanakila Church in Lahaina
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