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Unique custom hand made Art designs by Ariel Quiroz

Aloha, these completely personalized wedding invitations are the First Impression your guests will have of your Hawaiian Wedding.

Send me your Ideas and Love Story, Hobbies your partner and you share, Pet's pictures, your Wedding Theme, Pinterest boards, Inspirational Images, Color Palettes, etc...

Whatever your inspiration, a landscape, the location of your wedding, caricatures, portraits, etc.

No matter what technique: Charcoal drawings, Pastel chalks, Watercolor or Oil painting.

I can bring it to life in an artistic, unique and really personalized design based on your "One of a kind" Wedding.

Mahalo for submitting!

A charming caricature by Ariel Quiroz featuring a newlywed couple surrounded by a flurry of red hearts, symbolizing their love. The bride, in her elegant white dress, and the groom, in his sleek black tuxedo, share a joyous smile. Beside them, two adorable white cats with playful expressions add a personal touch to the couple's special moment. This whimsical illustration captures the happiness and affection of the wedding day with a touch of humor and whimsy.
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